Mineral Collections are Treasures for Kids

Carney Twins admire minerals

By Jane Hamilton

Kids really rock. They move to the beat of their inner self, most not yet tainted by the adults in their world. Kids see the beauty and wonder in the earth and they love rocks. Who among us doesn’t remember playing outside, looking down and finding something with a little shine, then picking up that rock to put in our pocket? Many of us collected those rocks as a kid and we still collect today.

These small collectors have been in the forefront of my mind because we have many customers who are in the range of four years old to high school age. Since Mystical Earth Gallery is in the Appleton Farm Market every Saturday morning, we have more kids dragging their moms and dads to see our mineral specimens under the tent. And if they are really persuasive they even get their parents to let them go into the store to look.

When a child comes up to me with the specimen they have carefully chosen and hands me a sandwich baggie of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters totaling the five bucks it takes to purchase a “rock,” I am honored. They have worked all week, doing chores, dreaming of the mineral that they saw at last week’s farm market, and then finally, when Saturday arrives, they come to me proudly with specimen and money in-hand to make it theirs.

What exactly is the fascination with rocks and minerals?

There is a visual tactile quality to minerals that attracts us. They’re shiny. They’re pretty. And they connect us to our environment and the planet. As a child and then as an adult, minerals are aesthetically pleasing. At MEG we call them “art from the earth” as an acknowledgment to how we view them and the fact that Mother Earth has produced some fantastic work. Minerals give us a connection to our personal history and the history of the development of the planet. As creatures, our collections in general speak to a very basic characteristic in our evolution. We are compelled to gather items that will enable us to survive in a harsh, unfriendly environment. Our collections let us define our individuality while keeping us connected to the earth and the consciousness. The energy and vibration of the minerals, although not easily identifiable or explainable to a child, does call to them as well as to us adults.
sept 12. 2012 067

The top minerals that kids love are: amethyst, pyrite (fool’s gold), quartz crystals, geodes, druzy crystals and fossils. If it is sparkling and brightly colored they love it! Many kids collect based upon their favorite colors or at least that is how they start out their collections. Some select based upon the shapes they love: hearts, stars, spheres, animals and the natural formations of clusters.

If you decide that you would like the experience of helping a child start their own collection, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make it a fun learning experience. There are many fantastic books that discuss the earth and mineral formations at your child’s level. Who knows, you may even learn something too! My favorite books and learning tools are:
• Dave’s Down-to-Earth Rock Shop
• The Magic School Bus Series
• How the Earth Works
• The Power of Crystals Coloring Book
• Mineral Identification Chart

If you already have a collector in your midst and Internet access, check out mineral sites and activities for kids online. Mysticalearthgallery.com has a kids’ page and we would love your little collector to send us a photo of them with their favorite specimen.

There is an old tin box, slightly rusty and decorated with butterflies, that my grandmother gave me when I was a girl that holds many of my treasures. Among those treasures that I hold dearest is a rock that my nephew, Jeremiah, gave to me when he was a boy. It’s not a beautiful mineral specimen … it’s an old rock. It is so special to me because in his eyes, it was an awesome find, and of all the people in his world, he chose to give it to me. Now that’s love! Hold those memories tight to your heart and take a moment to make a new memory for yourself and one of the kids in your life. Take a kid rocking. Whether it’s for a walk to pick up stones, or to a mineral or hobby store to select their first mineral specimen, you will remember the moment and they will too.
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Jane Hamilton, owner, and Master Jesse, Zenith Master, are from Mystical Earth Gallery, located at 112b E. College Ave., downtown Appleton. For more information, please call 920.993.1122 or visit http://www.mysticalearthgallery.com.


Freedom and Minerals

Freedom and Minerals

By Jane Hamilton

Twirling in circles with a sparkler in each hand (Bet that doesn’t happen much any more.); waiting for what seems like FOREVER for the hot dogs and hamburgers to be cooked on the grill because I am absolutely famished; and contending with the mosquitoes that are trying to have us for dinner, while we wait in great anticipation for the dark of evening and the big fireworks show to start. For me, these are the best childhood memories that I have as we celebrated the Fourth of July holiday.

Today I view the holiday with a bit more reverence. The meaning behind the celebration of our Republic and the Constitution is now what I find awe-inspiring. Freedom is amazing. Most of us here enjoy many freedoms: Freedom from tyranny. Freedom to move within our own borders. Freedom to choose our own path. Freedom to make the decisions that affect our lives profoundly. And, freedom to make those little daily decisions that are necessary to live.

On the exterior of ourselves we have the freedom to choose, but sometimes we stop ourselves from exercising the freedom of choice we have. It is the internal thoughts in our heads and the fears that we create that stop us from enjoying the freedom that this country offers and truly realizing our dreams.

A mineral or crystal is not going to be the ultimate thing to change your life. It’s not. I would like to tell you that it does, but we all know that change requires action and movement on the part of the individual. However, there are minerals that have attributes that will assist you in your quest to break free from those things that bind you from movement in your life. Other minerals have attributes that may silence the fear long enough for you to hear your true self and take one action, and then perhaps another action, that will propel you in the direction you seek.

Carnelian, one of my personal favorites, has many wonderful properties. It is the mineral of the warrior. Where it excels is that it will allow your mind to quiet the fear of the anticipation of battle. And for many of us, life is a daily battle. That quiet, the repose from the heat of the moment that carnelian vibrates at, allows one to think clearly and concisely. This calm will grant you the opportunity to plan your next move and perhaps the courage to move forward on that plan.
1-13-11 028

Quartz crystals, when used in healing, allow harmony to flow by aligning the thoughts and emotions with the universal consciousness. Granting clarity in meditating, quartz can assist one in retaining calmness and clarity in the most dire of situations. This clarity can offer one the momentum needed to make decisions about the actions required to move forward. It may also help to focus on the inner negativity, changing it into the positive, giving one the focus to again progress ahead.
12-10 307

Lingham or shiva lingham is river-tumbled jasper from the great rivers of India. Able to balance the emotional male energies or the yang, it gives one the balance needed to pursue the conquest. The lingham may give one the courage to act when used in tandem with the chakras. It may open them up, allowing energy to flow through the chakras to awaken the “slumbering serpent.” This eastern philosophy naming the lingham the stone of the Kundalini speaks of this process.
june 12, 2012 001
june 13, 2012 001

These are just three of the minerals that may help you free yourself. One of my favorite business authors, Tom Hopkins, states that fear is “false evidence appearing real.” The vibrational healing effect of the right crystal may be the catalyst that you require to overcome your fears, think clearly and move on with your life. Celebrate the Fourth this year by celebrating your own personal freedom.

Jane Hamilton, owner, and Master Jesse, Zenith Master, are from Mystical Earth Gallery, located at 112b E. College Ave., downtown Appleton. For more information, please call 920.993.1122 or visit http://www.mysticalearthgallery.com.

Meet the Owners

Welcome to Mystical Earth Gallery
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Our Mission:
When we gaze at the stars, when we see the beauty created in the earth in a crystal, when we look with wondrous eyes at the creatures we are and our greatness, how can one not see that there is something beyond our imagination has taken place to create our world.

Sometime ago religious leaders saw that the “learned” were asking too many technical questions, which would lead for many to mistrust the status quo and the ways of those in authority. It was at that point that math and the sciences were split from the religious and spiritual elements. This planet is now ready to cycle back to viewing all fundamentals in their entirety. Mystical Earth Gallery seeks to bridge these elements with fine art, the healing arts, and mineral & crystal specimens.

It has become popular to discuss “how spirit has inspired” many people’s work. And yes, while we believe that the connection to spirit moves us all, not all work created is fine art. The claim that spirit has guided the hand can not be used as the vehicle to deliver one to the world of fine artists. Sometimes work created with this “inspiration” needs to remain with the creator as part of their personal journey.

The body of work at Mystical Earth Gallery, not only has a connection to the deepest part of our soul, but is executed with great technical skills. We seek to connect with those artists whose work inspires us at many levels. Evoking emotion, finding a piece that speaks to us, being awe-inspired by the work, those things drive us to bring a collection of work together that embodies the greatness of the universe and ourselves.

Meet Jane Hamilton, blogger of Crystal Revelations
Jane Hamilton The Blind Lady

Owner of Mystical Earth Gallery, Jane with Master Jesse
jane & Jesse 1

Master Jesse, Professional Healer for over 30 years, Master Teacher for 20 years
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Learn more about Jesse’s healing gifts here: http://www.mysticalearthgallery.com/Master-Healer—Teacher-Jesse.html

The Sought-after Mineral of Royalty

Catherine the Great, Russian Empress, coveted it. Other Royals for over thousands of years claimed it as their stone. Surfacing time and time again among priests, clerics and the religious, this crystal has a rich history.

This beautiful, powerful, much sought after crystal is Amethyst. In the Christian Bible it is mentioned as one of the 12 stones embellishing the breast plate of the high priests of Yahweh. As in Catholicism it was deemed to represent piety and celibacy, it was an ornamental stone of the Bishop and generally worn as a ring. The Tibetans consider it sacred to the Buddha. And the Egyptians used it in their rituals.

On a more practical matter, from the Greeks myths into Renaissance times, it was
thought that to partake of wine from an amethyst cup would prevent intoxication. In some accounts amethyst was also ground up and mixed into the wine to keep one clear-headed. (We definitely do not recommend this!) Perhaps that is why today many believe that amethyst will aid in overcoming addictions and dependency.

The modern world loves amethyst as much as the ancients. Starting with the deep dark intense purples ranging down to lilac, amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones in the world. The abundance of the mineral, the many forms that it is available in, and the price range of the stone make amethyst not just available to the royals as in history, but to all of us.

Attributes of Amethyst include both those in the spiritual realm and the earthly plane. The vibration of the mineral promotes a calming effect and a peaceful feeling. As it opens and activates the crown chakra it is excellent for mediation where it provides a clear link between Earth and other worlds. In the dream world amethyst will aid in creating a pleasant dream state. Further it can offer a balancing effect between the intellectual, emotional and physical energies.

Protection is given to the wear of amethyst. It repels negative energy from both within and from the outside. Some believe that it will protect one from evil thoughts and the actions of others.

The healing power of amethyst is said to aid in the cure of many afflictions: hearing disorders, strengthen the skeleton system, reinforce correct posture, stimulate the nerves, aid in the relief from insomnia, and treat arthritis.

For thousands of years purple has rich meaning among society’s elite, from the rulers to the religious leaders. Robes of purple were in high demand because of the costly dying process to obtain the rich color. That desire was translated to the love of amethyst. And now thanks to the technology of mining and the rich mineral discoveries, we can all enjoy beautiful amethyst. Amethyst is not just for the rich folk anymore.





Use crystals to balance the negative effects of technology

Today’s modern world and the fast-paced technological innovations it offers create challenges to our health and well-being on a daily basis. Minerals and crystals can combat the negative effects of technology by helping balance the human electromagnetic field.

In May 2011, the World Health Organization placed cell phones on its carcinogen hazard list — along with lead, engine exhaust and chloroform — contending that the microwaves from your cell phone may cause brain cancer. Studies have shown a slight increase in brain cancer with the usage of cell phones, however because this type of cancer takes much longer to develop, perhaps even decades, the data is not yet conclusive.

Although this data is inconclusive on the hazards of cell phone usage and cancer, it is a fact that cell phones produce microwaves. “Close proximity to these waves do affect the electromagnetic field of the human body,” says Jesse Martinez, Master Zenith teacher and healer. “One doesn’t need to do any major scientific research to understand that if one adds an additional spice to the soup it will alter its flavor. So too if you add a new electromagnetic frequency, such as a microwaves from your cellular phone to the human body’s field, you are going to “alter the soup” of the human body.”

Electromagnetic fields interfere with the body’s ability to ionically-bind nutrients that are necessary for cell reproduction, growth and repair. “What happens is it (electromagnetic waves) actually takes an ion off, causing cells to lose their abilities for apoptosis,” states Nicki, Jansma of Remedies, HHP,NP, CT, HP. “Apoptosis is the ability to commit suicide if they (the cells) become abnormal. So, there is a higher risk with any kind of electromagnetic field, as it degrades the cells; our body then changes its ionic bonding; not being allowed to absorb nutrients our body shuts off the ability of apoptosis, thereby creating the ability for abnormal cells to populate. This process results in cancer.”

Various minerals help us keep our fields protected when we use these technologies. The vibrations of the minerals may slow down the microwaves, disperse and scatter the waves, or balance one’s electromagnetic field. Placing minerals in a close proximity to the device producing microwaves and carrying or wearing these minerals will help protect your electromagnetic field.
Here are some minerals that are will effective the electromagnetic field positively:

• Kyanite. This mineral will help restore the balance of the chakras. It is among one of the few mineral that self cleanses. (See Nature’s Pathways October 2010 for more information.)
• Hematite grounds and is a great anchor by your computer.
• Herkimer diamonds are one of the best minerals to protect one’s electrometric fields (See May 2011 Nature’s Pathways.)
• Aventurine. Most common color is green and also a great shield against those “energy vampires.”
• Jade. Available in many colors, but most known in its green form.
• Fluorite. This mineral comes in a variety of colors. (See July 2010 Nature’s Pathways.
• Black Tourmaline- Acts to deflect negative energy to include excessive amounts of radiation.

Most of us are going to continue to use our cell phones, microwaves and computers, even though we know that these are the very items that will alter our body’s field and potentially hurt us. Keep your favorite mineral on hand and not only will you enjoy its beauty, it may just help you keep healthy.

Carnelian is the stone of strength and power…

Carnelian is the stone of strength and power...

Carnelian is one of the stones of power.

The duality of carnelian is a wonder. It can impart a calming effect, yet its strength in aiding the “warrior” appears to be a contradiction to the soothing side of carnelian. Perhaps the very attribute that boosts self esteem, which radiates the calm feeling to one, is what also enhances one as they prepare to do “battle” in the ancient world or face the obstacles that modern world offers.

Carnelian also known as cornelian generally is a reddish-orange-yellow variety of chalcedony agate. When it is brown it is known as sard. And when white bands enhance it is known as Sardonyx. The hematite/iron oxide found in this crystal is what causes its beautiful color variation. Generally the cryptocrystalline crystals are too small to be seen. Today’s carnelian may be heat treated to enhance the color either via the sun’s UV rays or by machine.

Historically, carnelian was carried by the warrior for protection and courage. It protects the user from negativity, fear, rage and envy. It was also said to increase physical energy which would aid greatly in a difficult situation.

These attributes make carnelian a stone of choice for enhancing businesses endeavors. It can ground one and invoke the feeling of control over individual situations.

The second Chakra is affected by carnelian. This Charka connects with the sense of self enhancing the five senses, one’s creativity, the reproduction and sexuality of the users. It can reignite or increase passion in your relationships.

In healing carnelian will aid in treating blood disorders, the kidney area, and maladies associated with the reproductive system, such as infertility, menstrual problems, and sexual dysfunction. Carnelian also aids in those things further associated with the second Chakra, such as the gall bladder, gall stones, the pancreas and the lower back. Asthmas and allergies may also be aided.

When you need an energy boost or the calming effects of a mineral try carnelian…it offers the best of both worlds.


pendants on crystal bed

The road to healing is a personal journey. You have the constitutional right to seek those forms of healing that will aid you towards better health and balance in your life. When faced with a serious illness there may be many paths to choose from, both in the world of traditional medical care and other healing modalities.

Please note that therapies utilizing the attributes of minerals and crystals should be used to enhance the healing process. If you have a serious medical problem, please seek medical advice. These therapies do not replace the evaluation of a medical evaluation or traditional medical care.

Minerals for World Peace

The world is a tumultuous place.

The difference between the “haves” and the-have-nots” continues to increase.  The truth lies in the evidence of the suffering of the people.  Did you know that more people on earth have cell phones than have access to clean water?  Conservatively speaking 100 million people are homeless world-wide. Approximately two-thirds of the people on earth don’t get enough to eat everyday- according to the World Health Organization one-third are under-fed and one-third are starving.

As I research and compose this piece tears sometimes stream down my face.  Frankly, these things are difficult to think of and many of us chose to ignore them.

It is getting more and more difficult to ignore the desperation of people.  The Arab Spring blows the winds of change in the Middle East as the people fight for some equity from the dictators that rule.   Occupy Wall Street, the catalyst for the 99%  protesting the governmental legislative inequities between the richest in this country and the rest of the people, has spawned demonstrations throughout this country and world-wide.  All is evidence that the world is changing.

The good news is that the world is not a hopeless place.  During this holy time of year, when many of us celebrate our different religious and spiritual practices, we can focus our good intent towards creating a better place for all.  Let minerals and their vibrational properties aid you in spreading good will and peace onto yourself, through out your neighborhood and then into the world.

Here are some minerals that will aid you in your quest.

  • Quartz Crystals.  Crystals do not create energy.  Remember they channel and magnify energy.  Energy follows intent.  Hence, use quartz crystals in your meditations, think of peace and love and your good intentions will magnify out into the universe.  Quartz Clusters are especially great for projection of good intent for communities, as clusters are communities as well.  Clusters enhance as they act in the re-centering of the individual and the group that is necessary to promote harmony and peace.
  • Noreen Jasper. A mineral containing hematite and other minerals based on the evolution of hematite (the grounding properties in hematite are phenomenal.)have been used to grid for international peace.  Noted as the “Eternal Flame,” no activation is required for this jasper and its energy is constantly available
  • Spirit Quartz.  Also known as cactus quartz this beautiful lavender crystal and crystal clusters promote insight in community and family problems during mediation.  Stimulating groups into working together to achieve a common goal, this is perfect to focus on the promotion peace and harmony.
  • Snowball Inclusion Quartz.  These “snowball” inclusions may be found in quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz and citrine.  The inclusion structure is what extends the property of peace to this mineral, not the mineral itself.  This is a stone for peace and harmony.  “Center” being the key word.  It allows one to center ones self to assist in the achievement of conflict resolution and reduction of stress.  It allows one the ability to center oneself to the earth and go to the center of the earth in mediations.
  • Amethyst.  Among the most popular mineral in the world besides just offering the beauty of the mineral it balances energies.  The balancing of the intellect, the emotional and the physical planes helps us to connect this world to it and to other worlds.  This connection once established aids in the transmuting dysfunctional energy.   This then offers both stability and peace.

These are just a few of the minerals that may aid us in our quest for peace.

It is time for the tribes of earth to drop their shields and become one tribe-that is the tribe of the humans.  Let your mineral friends aid you in finding internal peace and peace world-wide.  During this special time of the year, please turn your thoughts, prayers, mediations and actions towards love and light.


Reprinted from Nature’s Pathways. Jane writes the monthly mineral column, Crystal Revelations.

Spirit Quartz

Amethyst cluster with Amethyst Pendants

Herkimer Diamond with snow-ball inclusions

Labradorite for spiritual blossoming

He walks in solitude, the cold penetrating every breath he takes. Protected by the knowledge of the ancestors and his spear, he walks in the snow and ice. He is compelled. He must free the Northern Lights from the captivity in the rocks that hold them prisoner. As he approaches the coastline where the Aurora Borealis is trapped, he proceeds with caution. Once upon the rocks, with one great thrust into the rocks he releases the lights from their captivity. A few still remain imprisoned.

This Eskimo legend tells the creation story of labradorite. It is said that those few lights that are still captive are the birth of labradorite, known to some as spectrolite, feldspar or black moonstone. Labradorite is a beautiful, mysterious crystal.

A flash of light or a slight movement turns this dark mineral into a shimmering, magical object. Generally opalescent blue, green, purple, copper and gold iridescent flames are generated within labradorite. The mineral itself is found in grey, brown, blue, colorless, yellow or golden and white.

Known to some as the “falcon’s eye” or the “temple of the stars,” labradorite will assist one in maintaining the self, while helping one to understand one’s chosen destiny. It is also said by some that the “illumination” in the crystal is extraterrestrial and will help bring those energies from other worlds and the “light” from those worlds to the user (this feldspar has been found in meteorites). Symbolizing both the moon and the sun, it aids in the cycle of life and the transitions necessary for one to actualize their chosen path. This is a stone which aids in the material manifestation of the destiny.

All thoughts are enhanced with labradorite. The psychic, the intellect, the spiritual and the intuitive thought processes are brought together to aid the user with cohesive, rational thought processes. This enables one to raise the consciousness and help manifest universal love and other attributes on this planet with the ultimate goal of advancing humanity.

The general transformation properties of labradorite will assist one in spiritual blossoming. It can help increase psychic abilities and the intuition. Prophesy in dreams may be revealed to one with this mineral’s help. It helps to balance and protect the aura.


Healing properties of labradorite will enhance the physical brain and those things associated with the brain by stimulation of the brain. It will reduce anxiety, stress, insecurity and fear, calming one in the process. It also aids in digestion and metabolism issues, helping disorders of the skin and the muscular structure.

If one desires a greater understanding of the self, and promote harmony on the earth, labradorite may be an essential to one’s personal collection.


Get Grounded and Centered with Calcite

Rainbows have always been an awe-inspiring mystery to humans.

Art and religion both have lore regarding the beauty and unusual unexplainable nature of the rainbow in early civilization. In art, rainbows are shown in very colorful palettes and as a topic that inspires a peaceful, calming feeling. Religiously, rainbows have been defined as the bridge or path that connected heaven and earth; as the link between the gods and humans; and as a message from God to the Christians as a sign of peace after the great flood of Noah.

Calcite, too, has beautiful rainbow colors. The colors exist both in the variety of the palettes the mineral is found in, as well as the variegated rainbows in individual specimens. Besides the visual connection associated with rainbows, calcite also has some of the properties correlated with rainbows.

As a crystal that can help us achieve inner peace, calcite grounds and centers us. It can aid one in calming fear and reducing stress. The protective shield one may feel in calcite’s presence enhances one’s environment and it is excellent in clearing negativity in a physical space.

On a spiritual note, calcite may help in astral travel and channeling as it acts to bridge this plane to the spiritual plane. Calcite may also aid one to increase their intuitive powers. It will amplify energy in a multi-directional nature, refracting it inward and then distributing the energy outward. This amplification of energy will help clear and then activate all of the chakras.

In everyday living, calcites have some good general qualities. The amplification of energy lends itself well to improve learning and studying. This property will help stimulate creativity and increase imaginative powers. The enhanced ability to communicate may also aid in relationship resolution.

Calcite is also available in clear specimens. Referred to as Iceland spar, it has a double refraction property. The physical nature of this makes its use ideal in optical products. The double refraction on another level aids us in communication during conversations of a difficult nature, as they raise our conscious regarding the double meaning found in words. It aids in cleansing and clearing bringing clarity to a situation. This can be used in treating all conditions.

Calcite will open and balance the chakras. However, there are different colored calcites which may enhance this effort and are specific to each chakra. Here are some of the colors calcite is found in and those properties associated with each color:

Green: Helps to manifest abundance and enhance one’s intuitive nature. Overcomes addictions, and aids in healing joints, bones, kidney, bladder and the endocrine system. Increases success, prosperity, business and fertility in all areas (even gardening).

Blue: Calms and soothes. Amplifies energy in communications and thought. Aids in channeling and increasing energy. Aids in healing throat, lungs, tonsillitis, thyroid, joints, arthritis and high blood pressure.

Yellow: Shamanic work is aided. The amplifying of energy helps in meditation, channeling and intuition and an increase in psychic abilities. Intellectual thoughts are organized with more ease. Heals stomach, upper intestines, upper back and upper spine.

Orange: Reduces chronic fatigue. Relieves emotional fear associated with many of life’s negative events: mental breakdown, depression, accidents, rape, divorce and suicidal thoughts. Helpful with phobias. Restores mental and physical equilibrium. Increases psychic abilities.

Red: The feeling of stability brings courage and inner strength. This aids in the ability to problem solve. Increases sensuality and aids in sexuality. Good for genitals, reproductive organs, gonads, ovaries, hips legs, feet and stiff muscles.

Honey: Increases energy. Amplifies energy. Enhances psychic abilities, astral projection and higher consciousness. Enhances intellect and memory. Associated with sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Pink: Stone of life. Amplifies universal life forces. Calming eases and heals the heart chakra filling the heart with universal love and self love. Offers hope, heals inner child. Enhances channeling and astral travel. Heals bones, joints and the physical heart.

Just as a rainbow offers us many color choices, calcite offers us rainbows of colors, each with their own significant meanings and wonderful curative properties. Calcite is a bridge to our path to healing physically and spiritually.

-Jane Hamilton